Monday, 29 September 2014

Gloop Monsters

We love gloop! Funny texture, solid and liquid at the same time.
Mr Frog's favorite is glow in the dark gloop (made accidentally when we played with glow in the dark playdough). Gloop is perfect when he asks me for something to do and I am too busy or tired or not prepared.... Can be easily changed by adding food coloring, glitter or texture (rice, lentils). And I always have ingredients in my kitchen cupboard!

This time we made the Gloop Monsters :)

Cornflour, water, food coloring, some googly eyes and mouth (I drew them with felt pens and laminated). Ready in few minutes. Then it's time for sensory exploration, learning new vocabulary to describe strange texture, mixing colors :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Storytelling Cubes travel set.

We are getting ready for our summer road trip. We will drive through few European countries to visit our family. We do plan many stops on the way to visit different places and have a rest. But for Mr Frog that means long hours in a car seat anyway. 

I try to think of some ideas to entertain Mr Frog during this long trip. And guess what? I try to think of ideas to do it without car DVD, Leap Pad or tablet!

We love storytelling. Our Silhouettes Storytelling set is great and we use it often but it is not a travel set for sure ;) But making a storytelling travel set is easier than you think! 

All you need is:
- 3-4 wooden cubes with holes (if you are in UK you can buy some HERE, but I'm sure you can find such cubes in any shop selling the wooden craft shapes)
- pipe cleaner
- 2 beads
- paints (if you want to paint your pictures) or pictures from magazines and glue (if you look for an easier option)

Now you just need to decide what pictures would you like to put on your cubes. I'm not an illustrator or designer but my skills are good enough for Mr Frog ;) 
On each cube I painted different type of objects: buildings, characters, transport vehicles, animals and creatures. 

Storytelling cubes
When the cubes are ready just thread the pipe cleaner through the holes and secure the ends using the beads. Put it in your bag, take with you anywhere and tell the story :) Easy :) 


Monday, 23 June 2014

Sand Castle Play Invitation.

In summer we spend a lot of time in the garden. Simple ideas work best!

Box of sand (no, we don't have a proper sand tray, I use a big Ikea box), little flags, shells, stones and leaves and flowers found in the garden. Plus some pots and water on the side.
Just leave it in the garden and wait.... ;)

Sand Castle Play Invitation

Sand Castle invitation to play
And after quite  a long time of sand castles building everything ends as a "sand soup"....well, it is fun too, isn't it?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Texture painting on canvas.

Texture painting on canvas is a great fun. Child can feel like a real artist painting on canvas and displaying own painting on a wall like in the gallery. And painting can make a very special kids made gift.

For us it was a special gift for Father's Day. Mr Frog felt like an artist making his own real painting. And Dad had a great surprise when got such special and personalized gift.

 All you need is:
- canvas (we bought the cheap one from a pound shop - it works fine!)
- paints
- ready mixed plaster of filler (yes, the one you use for repairing the walls
- spatula to spread the filler
- some bubble wrap

Let children spread the filler on canvas using spatula and hands. This is a crazy part - go wild, make patterns using your hands, bubble wrap or different textured objects. 
Mr Frog made a hand print in the middle of his painting. 
Then let it dry and paint. Don't forget a signature to make it look professional! :) 

Texture painting on canvas.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Maths with colorful buttons.

This pile of colorful buttons has been in my drawer forever. As Mr Frog is very curious about addition and multiplication now and keeps practicing his Maths skills I used the buttons for  Maths activity.

First sorting and classifying by color and comparing the groups of buttons (where is more/less buttons, where is fewer big buttons).

Then Mr Frog got a piece of paper with a 10, 15, 20 numerals and the same amount of boxes underneath. He  had to find different ways to make the number (10,15,20) and write it down. Colorful buttons helped him to visualize the addition. 

To challenge him a little bit more I gave him number 40 and he tried some multiplication as well. With colorful buttons it was a piece of cake  ;) 

And at the end...he cooked a pretended button soup! Yummy! :)

Montessori Monday

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Home Post Office

Our home post office was a simple idea to support Mr Frog's writing skills. One day he just got obsessed with writing - lists, notes, instructions.... So I set up Home Post Office. What's better than writing the letters? (and I love these American style red letter boxes, so I decided to make one...). 

So here it is - little spot in our house, ANYONE can stop and write a letter or short message or leave a little gift for someone. Of course Mr Frog writes the most :)

I made a felt letter box and put it with some paper, envelopes and pencils on the table . It is perfect to encourage writing skills or set up Post Office role-play. (no sewing skills? don't worry! use a cardboard box and red paint!)

And Home Post Office is great to encourage kindness. Some days are so busy...we run to work and back, to school, do the homework and paperwork....and somewhere in that rush I see little flag on the letter box...there's something inside! Little letter for me or daddy who is working long hours. Or I leave short message for Mr Frog....without any reason. Little messages full of kindness - perfect for busy and tiring days :) 

"Mummy can you draw me some stamps?"...well, I'm not a graphic designer but we have our own stamps! ;)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Air Drying Clay Pictures

In our activities I like using the natural ingredients, something that can easily be found in the kitchen cupboard or in the garden. Low cost activities and lots of fun!

Today we made air drying clay pictures using some clay leftovers and different size seeds, beans and dried pasta I found in my kitchen.

Simple gather your ingredients, roll the piece of clay and create your own pictures and patterns!

Making clay pictures with natural ingredients

I like using well known ingredients in a different way. Crating pictures with all these colourful bits helps child develop imagination and creativity
We talked about different textures and tried to describe them. We also talked about where the beans and seeds come from (great starting point to talk about plants growth). And all these tiny pieces, beans and seeds were great for practicing fine motor skills.

And as it is Easter soon we couldn't resist and we made and decorated clay egg shape. A little Easter detail to decorate our kitchen :) 

clay Easter egg decorating
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